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Let’s Get Started Financing Your Home

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We’ve Redefined & Elevated the Home Loan Experience

Whoo hoo! Starting to think about owning a home (or refinancing) is a big step. We’re so glad you chose to work with us. Here is a quick glimpse of our unique process!

1. Apply

Use the ElevateTM Loan Dashboard from your mobile or desktop and enter the information we need to know about your financial story.

2. Verification

After you apply we begin verifying your information. You will receive real-time updates on the progress of your loan, keeping you informed as you continue on the path to closing.

3. Approval

We’re getting closer! During this stage, all documents are reviewed and we are able to make a final decision on the loan application.

4. Closing

Congratulations on being approved! Review your closing documents carefully. And most of all, enjoy the celebration!


Let’s Get Started Financing Your Home

You’re so close to being a homeowner or refinancing to meet your financial goals. Let’s do this!

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