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Responsiveness is an Absolute Value

Responsiveness is an Absolute Value

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What does it mean to be responsive? First, it doesn’t mean fast.

Responsiveness in selling is composed of two inseparable elements: value and speed. They both need to be present to be responsive. Take away one element and you are no longer responsive.

If you are fast to respond to your prospects, but cannot deliver the value (i.e. information in the form of things such as data, insights, questions, context, use cases, ROI and others) that they need to move forward in their buying process, then you are not being responsive. Being fast is good for gold medals. But, in the absence of value, speed is not a virtue in sales.

Your responsiveness, or lack thereof, is often your prospect’s first experience dealing with you and your company. What do you want your buyer’s first perception of you, your product and your company to be?

You either are or you aren’t. You can’t be sort of responsive. Customers are acutely aware of responsiveness in sales. Unfortunately, they aren’t on the receiving end of it very often. But, what will happen to your sales results when you condition your customers to expect absolute responsiveness from you?

For a salesperson, responsiveness becomes a key competitive advantage in a commodity oriented world. Customers experience from the first sales touch the value of working with your company. Use responsiveness to help your prospects move through their evaluation and decision making process faster. The competitors that don’t keep up with you will quickly find themselves fighting for second place. And, as everyone in sales knows, you don’t earn commissions by finishing second.

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