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The Factors That Determine Your Mortgage Interest Rate
The Factors That Determine Your Mortgage Interest Rate 1024 536 Vellum Mortgage

When you take out a mortgage to buy a home, you pay interest over the years. So what determines that rate? Obviously, your credit history probably plays the biggest role, but there are other factors…

Deciding Whether to Refinance
Deciding Whether to Refinance 1024 536 Vellum Mortgage

During the term of your mortgage, you may want to refinance to meet a variety of personal and financial goals. Refinancing will completely replace your current mortgage with a new loan that provides you with…

Congratulations Patrick Gardner!
Congratulations Patrick Gardner! 1024 536 Vellum Mortgage

Congratulations to our very own Patrick Gardner! Last night he was officially inducted as a Residential Board Member of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) of Metropolitan Washington! About the MBA/WM The Mortgage Bankers Association of…

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You’re so close to being a homeowner or refinancing to meet your financial goals. Let’s do this!

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